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More than 42% of websites are built on WordPress.
Divi is the most popular WordPress theme.
We launch websites using the Divi theme with WordPress all set up.
Our prices start at just £11 or $15 a month.

It’s a great deal.


What We Do

We set your website up on the server with your domain name. You can have any of the demonstration websites we build as the starting point for your own website. These websites will have all the software and plugins installed ready for you. It’s easy to completeley change the look and design of the website after watching our training videos.

There’s just a few steps to complete!

The first is to decide your domain name if you have that already that’s great.

Then the second thing is to tell us what you want to do with the new website? We will suggest any of the demonstration sites that will have all the software ready. These sites are:,,, or But we will build you a solution from any combination.

We help you launch a new website.

Order a new WordPress website at VERY low cost. (Starting at £11 a month)  Including the Divi theme and loads of extras!

  • Rebuild an existing website to refresh it.
  • Learn how to manage it yourself. (We can help you take back control).
  • Build websites for other people. (We have web designers using this service).
  • All sites are backed up every day. (Automatic backup plus you can backup yourself).
  • We offer support and help.

We will set you up with a real website.

We just leave the finishing touches and content for you to complete.

Ground Breaking

This is a ground breaking approach and will be something that allows you to have a ‘real deal’ website instead of a site that will limit you in the future. You will get to choose all the best features and learn how to put them together yourself. It would be very cost effective to pay a designer to finish things if you can’t do it all. You can save a fortune with this solution. Starting with our monthly hosting fee you get a minimum of $256 worth of plugins and additional benefits.


It’s a turnkey website that you can use as a landing page, shop, business website, even a membership website. Whatever you like. Just check out the sites we use as starting points and that’s what you get. We then give you quick video training to modify the site as you like it.


You won’t need to worry about the hosting. We already host hundreds of websites. These are served from London or Dallas Texas. It’s unlimited hosting on an autoscaling, 100% SSD cloud hosting platform.  So no matter how much space you need or how much traffic you get the website will be fine. Of course there are ways to increase the power with managed servers but we can move things easily if you need it. It’s backed up every day as well.

We are really flexible in meeting your requirements. If you want unlimited email accounts, unlimited traffic and you would like us to help solve your website problems just get in touch.

Who Builds The Website

Building your website is not an automated process so we will get things sorted usually in a couple of hours but at the most by the next day. Once your site is launched you can choose from a huge range of pre-made designs. We will help you do this. It’s easy to completely change the homepage, we provide a video that will show you this in a couple of minutes! Who knows you might want to become a website designer!

Here To Help

We are here to help as well so just let us know! ​You might be nervous about starting a business website but we are here to help you launch and learn how it all works. We can do all the hard bits and leave you to make the website as you want it. It couldn’t be easier. (If you get stuck we can help).


What’s amazing is the price! – Starting at Just £11 a month (For now) if you are in the UK or $15 if you are anywhere else. There’s a small setup fee to get things started but that’s it. All the licencing and hosting is included. (We only licence software while you are using our services).

Tutorial Videos

As well as the setup of your website, once you login, you will get tutorial videos (Under Development) explaining how things work and tutorials for additional plugins. You get full admin access to the website and email. WordPress is the real deal it’s not Wix, Weebly or Squarespace. Over 42% of  websites on the Internet are built using WordPress.

We use one of the best hosting systems in the World.

It’s scale able and unlimited which is a bit special, (See Acceptable Use Policy) most server companies will limit your traffic and make you pay more if you go over their limits. Ours is all run on Samsung SSD Memory and there’s no limits. As long as you aren’t storing your hard drive contents on there we will be fine.

SPECIAL OFFER: New websites and hosting with NO setup fee. DISCOUNT CODE: noset25

‘Our new website generates more customers than we can look after.’
‘Before SHOUT WEBSITES we used a local graphic design company to build our website. Yes it looked pretty, but we never got any customers! Our new website generates more customers than we can look after.’


Owner, Fresh Accountancy

Would highly recommend to anyone looking to build a professional, effective and lucrative website for their business. Their customer service and attention to detail is outstanding, and their ongoing support and guidance, knowledge and passion for web development has made the whole process easy to understand and implement, making SHOUT WEBSITES an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thank you!


Owner, Dotty Home

What We Do

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What We Offer

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  • Our prices are here. 
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